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Meet Priyanka Gupta

          Nutritionist (MSc. in Food and Nutrition) &           

               Certified Health and Wellness Coach                

Hi, I am Priyanka Gupta, a Nutritionist (MSc. in Food and Nutrition), Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and a Life member of Indian Dietetic Association (IDA). Not only that I have work experience of more than 6 years and have dealt with cases of Weight Loss, PCOS, Thyroid, High Cholesterol, Diabetes and much more in reputed hospitals and health companies, but I also have a real-time practical experience when it comes to  my own journey of weight loss and hormonal wellness. 

I believe in a mindful lifestyle integrative approach. Therefore, I believe that not only nutrition and exercise, but a lot other factors like emotional health, stress, sleep quality, hydration status, our overall lifestyle contributes a major role in our hormonal balance, gut health, weight loss and overall wellness.


During my 25 kg weight loss and wellness journey, I learned that our body weight is much beyond counting calories, and one have to get to the core cause of it. Losing multiple inches, gaining more energy, more strength, more confidence, better hormonal balance, better gut health is never easy, but if we follow the right track, things become easier. In today's world, we often get into a trap of unlimited (mis)information and different health advices, thereby we often fail to really understand and follow the right path for ourselves. I happened to discover a right path for myself in my journey, and I believe that "A PATH THAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU WILL ALWAYS BE UNIQUE FOR YOU" and that is what I will help you to uncover through my program. 

So, are you ready to start your wellness journey with me?

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