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Do you want to balance your hormones naturally?

Do you want a healthy regular menstrual cycle without being dependent on a pill?

Do you want to lose stubborn weight / fat without fixated diet?
Do you want to improve your Gut Health, and improve digestion & absorption of nutrients?

Do you want to heal or manage problems like Insulin Resistance, High Prolactin, Thyroid, Menstrual problems, PCOS, Gut related problems?

Do you want to know and understand what really suits for your body in terms of health?

So girl, if you said YES to any of these, 

Then, I Invite you to my Program. 
This is not a Usual Diet Program.
meant for a Complete Unique


Are you ready to

Reset Your Lifestyle with me?

Meet Priyanka

Nutritionist (MSc. in Food and Nutrition) &

Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Hi! I am Priyanka Gupta, a Nutritionist (MSc. in Food and Nutrition), Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and a Life member of Indian Dietetic Association (IDA). I am working as a professional for more than 6 years by now in this field, and one thing I truly believe is that "Everybody is Different and Every Body is Different". It is important that we listen to our body and understand what truly works for it, because that can only help us to achieve our wellness goals.


Having lost 25 kg myself, balancing my hormones naturally, gaining more energy & confidence, I can assure you that a practical and sustainable plan can only help you to achieve sustainable weight (fat) loss and a good hormonal health. And a sustainable plan is not about dieting or counting calories, but eating right and living mindfully.

I am here to handhold you in your journey and help you to discover your own health and lifestyle requirements, build mind body connection, raise self awareness, and accordingly build a lifestyle that is flexible, adaptable, enjoyable, and sustainable for you. 

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Major Benefits Of This Program

Adaptation of a Balanced Healthy Lifestyle

Establish Right Eating Habits

Better Hormonal Balance and Insulin Sensitivity

Better Gut Health 


Better absorption of nutrients


 Menstrual Cycle

"Dear Priyanka, we started last two months back when I was so confused and sad related to my menstrual cycle which was not in time and always early.

My health was going down and down ... But you are angel in my life who sorted everything in such a simple way with your lovely weekly goals and diet chart.

I feel lucky as you got me. Periods are one of the very sensitive issue in every females life but today after 2 months I feel jaise kabhi kuch huaa hi nhi thaa.

My health is doing fantastic I feel so much energy in my body.

Thankyou so much dear and please always be in touch."

- Kamaljit Kaur, 39

"The day when I came in contact with you was just amazing. I was a girl with high level of Prolactin, PCOS (absence of periods), hormonal imbalance, low Vitamin D, very dull dietary routine, no physical activity at all, disturbed emotional balance and many more.....After a break of 9 month I got my periods back naturally, no allopathy, no homeopathy, no ayurvedic worked. One thing which worked is my huge believe and faith in you and your suggestions. Not just you solved all these, but you taught me how to live life."

- Manvi Tewari, 21

"I joined Priyanka ma'am to feel more energetic, and have a healthy diet for my menstrual health. Turned out to be an amazing decision. Her suggestions were in tune with my capabilities and lifestyle. With each session she helped me overcome the difficulties I faced, and supported me. Very soon, I had clear skin and improved menstrual cycle. My periods became more regular and prolactin levels reduced. I felt more stamina and could feel the changes in my body. Furthermore, she aided me in some aspects of my lifestyle too, which only added to my health".

- Navika Bansal, 21

“With Priyanka, it has been a wonderful journey. I had problems with constipation, belly fat, and fatigue. Everything seems to be history now. I don't have to depend on laxatives anymore. I now feel light and very energetic throughout the day. I could feel significant reduction in inches from my overall body as well as my belly fat which was my major concern. I keep getting compliments from people around me as I look leaner and fitter now. I have gained strength and can now perform better at exercises too. Overall, I feel really good and happy.”

- Ankita Kejriwal, 38

"I started my health coaching with Priyanka about a month ago to deal with my hormonal problems. When I started working with her I had extremely high prolactin levels of 135 and borderline thyroid. Cut to today my prolactin in 22! In just one month. 
She has been immensely supportive and helpful throughout my journey. She is a nutritionist but her goal just doesn’t stop at food, she literally helps you incorporate a 360 degree life change to heal your body. And every single suggestion made by her has been helpful. The best part is that she takes weekly accountability calls which is the best thing because it made me stick to the plan. I would highly recommend anyone going through any hormonal challenges to get on board with her. It will help you like no medicine would."

- Sanjana Agarwal, 30
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